Content Writer B2B_Tech (Bilingual German/Englisch)

Senior Freelance B2B content writer, specialized in IT & tech topics

Hire me for long-form marketing content in German and English language in the tech space. I am an experienced writer with deep knowledge of the markets.

Looking for support for your content marketing and want to hire a freelance German B2B content writer (or copywriter)?

You need a B2Bcontent writer who can not only operate a computer keyboard, but: Who…

  • has profound knowledge of and is enthusiastic about your industry,
  • understands your requirements exactly,
  • speaks the language of your target groups,
  • supports you to reach your goals: namely more attention, leads and sales,
  • and who takes as much work off your hands as possible so that you can focus on your core tasks.

Hi. I’m Marcel Schreyer, a long-time German B2B content writer and content specialist. I support B2B companies from technical fields in content marketing by … simply producing great content.

I am located in Stuttgart, south-west Germany.

I write texts according to your requirements or design and develop complete campaigns for your digital customer journeys.

Here are the important facts about me:

In a nutshell: My specialization as a B2Bcontent writer

  • Long-form content: Blog articles, white papers, case studies, presentations, and landing pages.
  • Industries: IT, software, management consulting, engineering, construction, deep tech startups.
  • Topics: Any complicated, technical topic, in SMB or enterprise environments.
  • Superpower: Understanding difficult topics, and then telling them in a simple and entertaining way, suitable for tech and business audiences as well.
  • Add-on: Great know-how in SEO and content strategy.

What customers say about me

„Marcel’s blogposts are great! His writing style is casual and entertaining, the content is sound. That’s exactly what we wanted.“

Matthias Klang, Managing Director, bizforward

„From the very first text, Marcel hit the mark with our target group and our style. We particularly appreciate the fact that he quickly became acquainted with our environment and product, which makes his texts highly authentic and high credible.“

Isabelle Taureck, Marketing Director EMEA, Magnolia International

„Marcel supports us with articles that are precisely tailored to the target groups. His texts are always superbly written. Crisp headlines draw the reader into the topic. The collaboration is always super uncomplicated and flexible.“

Anne Lehmann, Marketing Manager, Personio

How to start working with me as a B2Bcontent writer

If you want to work with me: What are the next steps?

  1. In a 30-minutes introductory video call, we’ll discuss your expectations and see if we are a good match. I’ll send you work samples and prices afterwards.
  2. In a 2-hour workshop, we’ll discuss everything I need to know about your company, your market, and your target groups, etc., to write on our behalf.
  3. You’ll order a first piece of content and create the content brief.
  4. I interview a subject-matter expert on the chosen topic from your company.
  5. I write and deliver the text and after approval, you pay for it.
  6. If you’d like to hire me further as a B2B content writer, we’ll decide on the mode of cooperation then, set up the regular processes and get started.

When do we get to know each other?

If you think we could be a good match: send me a message. We will arrange a short meeting and discuss the next steps.

My expertise & mode of operation as a B2Bcontent writer

Why should you work with me as a B2Bcontent writer? For (at least) five reasons:

Content that represents you

As a B2B company, you’re dealing with demanding audiences; professionals who also want to work with other professionals.

If you want to present yourself as an expert in front of such an audience, your content must live up to this claim.

With over 15 years of practice in B2B marketing and sales, I know many technical industries from the inside. I understand the business models, the target groups, the decision-making processes and the trends.

All this experience goes into my texts for you — and you can thus communicate at eye level with your target groups and convey your expertise.

Content that inspires your target group

Despite all my experience and enthusiasm for tech topics, I have never become a nerd: You can talk shop with me — and a minute later I can explain the subject to people who have never heard of it.

As a B2Bcontent writer, I always write with the customer in mind: Who is the text aimed at? What does the target group already know? What would they like to read? What really helps them?

I communicate (seemingly) dry, technical topics in a conversational and entertaining way. Through storytelling methods and optimized text structures, even long contents are exciting to read.

This way, your texts will not have the charm of a product data sheet; instead, we produce content together that engages and inspires your target group, and makes them want to read more.

Content that helps you achieve your goals

An inspired audience and positive feedback are one thing; at the end of the day, you have to achieve goals: generate more leads and more sales — and prove that you are using your budgets wisely.

I support you with my strategic approach. At the beginning of the collaboration, I learn to understand your target groups and their customer journeys: in other words, how exactly the decision-making and information processes work for your potential customers.

For each piece of content, we determine what role it plays in the customer journeys: What needs it must fulfill, what goals you want to achieve with it, and how we can optimally serve both.

If you have not yet developed the strategic foundations for this yet, we will develop these together as part of a content marketing consultation.

Content that is actually found and read

You’ve invested a lot of money in your content: but now blog articles and white papers spend their unnoticed existence on your website… This won’t happen when you work with me as your B2Bcontent writer.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the best way to sustainably make your content visible and automatically be found by people searching for what you offer.

I have been building intensive SEO knowledge for years. I run my own web projects with over 60,000 monthly visitors, and my clients occupy top positions on Google. I optimize your content and develop complete SEO strategies for you.

However, SEO only works in the long term; via email newsletters, social networks such as LinkedIn and other channels, you should additionally distribute your content regularly.

From one topic, I derive various formats for you, each optimized for individual channels — this is called content repurposing. This way, you can reach significantly more people with just a little more effort — and thus achieve much better results.

Minimal effort for you

That all sounds pretty good — and pretty elaborate, right? It isn’t. At least not for you.

When you hire me as a B2B content writer, you get my experience from designing and producing hundreds of content pieces, included. Of course, I need information from you about your products and your target audiences; but I take a lot of the process off your hands.

Usually after just one or two texts, my customers have minimal effort; often they just “wave through” the delivered texts because they almost perfectly meet the requirements.

Furthermore, I’m well-organized and work based on standard processes: no email ping-pong, but efficient collaboration using tools. If you have your own processes, I’m happy to plug in and use your software.

Well, sounds good?

When do we get to know each other?

If you think we could be a good match: send me a message. We will arrange a short meeting and discuss the next steps.

My offer

These are the types of content I produce for you:

Blog posts

You will receive excellently researched, structured and written blog articles from me, suitable for the target group and the selected customer journey phase, and optimized for Google (SEO).

You provide me with a topic and a brief for each article — for this, you get a template. Or we can develop a content marketing plan for the coming months based on your content strategy.

On top, I give you ideas and concepts for visuals that you can integrate into your articles.

I write anything from entertaining campaign blog posts to long and comprehensive evergreen content which can bring you top of the Google search results.

White papers and case studies

In a white paper, you explain how your customers‘ problems can be solved in concrete terms. Using case studies, you show how you have already successfully helped your customers.

These content formats are especially important concerning B2B lead generation and helping potential customers to decide. I design and write white papers and case studies for you, that have substance, are easy to read, and contribute to your company’s marketing and sales goals.

Through sponsored posts, you can reach a much larger audience with your content and generate new visitors for your website, through placement in professional magazines, on online portals, or on partners‘ websites. For this, I write compelling articles, which attract many clicks, engage the readers and subtly advertise your business.

Other content formats

As described, I specialize in long-form content for B2B: the text formats mentioned above. However, I can help you distribute your content on a variety of channels and reach a wider audience.

For this, I rework content from blog articles or white papers into other formats, such as:

  • Social media posts for LinkedIn
  • Scripts for short videos
  • Scripts for webinars
  • Slide presentations
  • Infographics

In cooperation with partners I can also deliver videos, graphics and illustrations ready to use if you want.

When do we get to know each other?

If you think we could be a good match: send me a message. We will arrange a short meeting and discuss the next steps.